Android Mobile Apps :

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Android is growing at rates far faster than anticipated. Our objective is to cater to the growing Android app market by delivering custom Android software & programming solutions for our clients

The sky is the limit when it comes to developing your ideas. We have skillfully brought together a U.S. based team of Android developers with a remarkable skill set for delivering exactly what you're looking for.

Custom Android Apps:

Android allows you to develop software that integrates many of the advanced technologies found in phones with the Android operating system such as: accelerometer, GPS, address book or calendar.

Web / Online / WIFI / Android Apps:

Online or "connected-to-web" applications connect to servers via Wi-Fi and/or a cellular network. These applications will allow a user to submit information to a database and/or allows a user to download or view information relating to their search.

Social Networking Apps:

Stay on top of social networking and connect your Android apps to all the social networking sites. We can custom develop your app to interface with Facebook, Four Squares, Twitter or whatever the next big social phenomenon is.

GPS Enabled Apps:

GPS based or enabled apps are growing in popularity and our team has the know how to develop your Android app utilizing cutting edge GPS functionality. Along with tracking geographic location, GPS can be used to report on: tracking, mileage and other information to create detailed reporting. The data can be collected and sent to your database for analysis and detailed reporting.

Android Games Development:

We know how to have fun too! In addition to developing outstanding apps based on business to business applications, we are also able to develop your Android games engaging touch capabilities and various other functions making the games easy & fun to use.

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