BlackBerry Application Development

What Are BlackBerry ApplicationsBlackberry apps

BlackBerry phones have become very popular with enterprise users due to its many features like; mobile phone, email, internet browsing, SMS & MMS messaging, organizer and other business related features. Best of all, every one of those features come wrapped up in one cool gadget. A gadget that has increased popularity and has wound up in the hands of nearly 14 million people. There are two major software platforms used for BlackBerry Applications Development, Java Micro Edition (J2ME) and MDS.

Blackberry is global

Blackberry is globally accepted and the requests for Blackberry applications increasing everyday. Our team of developers are experienced and have a streamlined process to be able to handle most any type of custom app you can imagine. BlackBerry apps initially tended to be utility apps only but that is changing fast and more people are developing a wide variety of custom BlackBerry applications.

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